Across the country officers learn valuable skills in how to deal with the public.  Officers learn skills in how to investigate incidents from basic car accidents to murders.  We learn how to write tickets and how to deal with the public.  What we don’t learn as officers is how to deal with the stresses of seeing a small child killed, how to deal with years of murder, violence, seeing our friends killed, and sometimes having to take a life.  At CopStress, one of our goals is to work with departments across the country, in giving classes for officers in how to deal with stress and coping with stresses in life and work.

New ACADEMY Classes

We not only teach new recruits how to look for stresses in themselves, but in their partners and coworkers.  We teach you the signs and how to approach them.  People with stress don’t want to admit it to their friends out of fear of looking weak.  Like any other family member, we need to know when to step up and help them.  

Who has your back?  Do you have theirs?

Too many of us have sat at a police funeral of a brother or sister that has lost their life serving the community.  Sometimes this loss could be at their own hands because of stress; to look at their family and kids is heartbreaking.  Many of us have said to that family that we will always be there for them.  At CopStress we feel that family is important and being there for them before is a much better option.  We look to attend family days at the academies and speak to recruits’ families.  We talk to them about the stresses of police work and how to recognize the signs, how to talk to them, and who to reach out to, if need be.  There is no need for an officer to lose their family, job, or life because of stress.  There are ways to work through issues of stress and PTSD. 

Your family is our family