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As current and former police, we understand that officers may not want to talk to their command or friends.  We also understand that officers still want to talk to someone who understands what you are going through.  I founded this support group because I’ve been where you are.  I had the daily stresses of the job as a Baltimore City Police officer. 

I ignored these stresses of the job dealing with people, command, and the problems in life. I understand how all of these things play a role in each part of our lives. After being in a situation that we had to take a young mans life in the line of duty I was back to work the next day. My department didn’t offer any support past a silver star and a pat on the back. This was the proverbial straw that broke the camels back. After years of being an officer, detective, and then detective sergeant. I, like you have been in situations seeing 100’s of people murdered, buried friends, held dead children worrying about my own kids.

I allowed all of this to stay bottled up in my life until I was in not doing a service to my community, my wife, my kids, my finances. I ended up divorced and away from my kids every day of my life. I had depression and anxiety, I sat in a bathtub with a gun in my mouth. I knew something had to be done in my life in this downward spiral. I reached out on my own to counselors once I realized that no matter how big of a man I was I needed help in dealing with the issues in my life. I slept on an average two hours a night, I got angry all the time. I was not me. After 3 years of talking to a counselor and self-reflecting, I came out of the entire ordeal a better man. I retired with 20 years on the street. I still had the love of my kids. I have a good life now.

Stress and depression do not need to go that far in anyone’s life. PTSD does not need to creep up into your life. If you talk to someone even a peer anonymously you can learn ways to cope with the stresses of your life. Everyone has stress, some have post-traumatic stress, but we don’t all have to experience full blown Post Traumatic Stress Distorter. At CopStress we are here to help you even if you don’t think the stresses are great. Don’t let the stresses of the job build to a point you can’t return from. We NEVER contact your command. We talk to you as a peer and give your moral support and coping suggestions. We may discover that you need additional support and we have counselors that volunteer their time to work with you. We also may feel that you need more help than we can provide and talk to you about the best ways to approach your command and stay in good standing in the department. There is a way out of stress and PTSD. There is a better life after. Let us work with you.


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